YURT is a project that monitors the work of the Stanford Folding at Home client. It sends a description of your machine to a central database. Then, as the Stanford client runs, the YURT client sends information about the progress your machine makes towards completing work units and frames in different proteins.


If you'd like to participate in the project, you may download the current client. The YURT111.ZIP file is about 250 kilobytes in size, and includes documentation for the proper configuration of the client. There is an informal plan to release an update of the YURT client, and it will be announced here when it becomes publicly available.

What Happened? (Upgrading!)

If you have been participating and noticed that the statistics are all gone, don't fret! YURT is alive and well. We recently discovered a small bug with a big effect--it caused the client to frequently think that the Folding at Home client had moved and replaced its log file, which is YURT's only means of communication with the folding program. The log file wasn't actually reset, so when YURT re-parsed it, it would send redundant completion data back to the server. The statistics for some machines were inflated, and we deemed the database unsalvagable.

We're still collecting data and publishing it -- just with the new Version 1.11 client. You can check out the upgrade page for the simple steps you'll need to do in order to set up Version 1.11 of the client and get your client data counted again.

Note that any data sent by a Version 1.00 from July 8, 2006, onward will be ignored.

Viewing Results

To review the statistics that have been collected, you may start by examining a list of machines participating in the project. This page includes links to the other interesting reports, such as a comparison of work rates by the clockspeed, or by vendor. The website is very fluid, and will be changed and updated as we realize new reports or fix problems in existing pages.


If you have questions or comment about YURT, please don't hesitate to write to yurt at blaszczak.com.