The Upgrade

Upgrading from YURT 1.00 to YURT 1.11 is simple.

First, stop the YURTMonitor service on your computer using the command "NET STOP YURTMONITOR" from a command prompt window. Or, close the YURTMonitor program if you're not running the service.

You can now erase the Version 1.00 YURTMonitor.EXE and YURTInstaller.EXE programs that you have.

Then, download the YURT111.ZIP file. Unpack the new YURTMonitor.EXE and YURTInstaller.EXE into the same directory where you had your old versions.

You don't need to run YURTINstaller.EXE again, unless you need to change any details of your setup (like the logging detail level) or you want to freshen the data on the website about your machine (such as update your clock speed, or change the amount of memory you've installed).

Finally, start YURTMonitor. If you've previously run the program as a service, type "NET START YURTMONITOR" at a commant prompt window. If you run YURTMonitor as a stand-alone program, just exeucte it again.

The documentation file in the YURT111.ZIP file is new, as well. YURTMonitor.PDF has some updates, carifications, and explanations, so please take the time to read it.


If you have questions or comment about YURT, please don't hesitate to write to yurt at